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About Us

We would like to say a big THANK YOU for considering us your go-to source for all of your billing needs. As a Trading Partner billing electronically through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) since 2004, we can offer a faster and more convenient way to bill your Medicaid Claims. You’ll never have to mess with paper again! Unless of course you like arts and crafts, in which case, by all means, have at the paper shredder.

Just to set the record straight, yes, we know a whole lot about billing but very little about rhinoceroses. However, this didn’t prevent us from attempting to house a rhino mascot in our offices back in 2006, only to find our equipment destroyed and a large hole in the wall when we came in for work the next day. Sadly, the rhino was never seen from again, even though we totally would have forgiven him for his mistakes. On an unrelated note, Ohio Wildlife Services is still on Rhino Red alert.

While we won’t claim responsibility for that, we will claim responsibility for your claim management tools and for providing you with a user-friendly website, backed by fanatical customer service representatives. Satisfaction is our number one goal. Contact us today and charge right through your billing.


Meet Our Amazing Team

Personal Billing Specialist Supervisor

LaShandra makes the all-time best Mojito’s, which may or may not be the reason we hired her in 2013. Lashandra seeks to lead a more natural and holistic lifestyle, and produces her very own bath and body products. Ask her how her 5K training is going!

Personal Billing Specialist

This outdoor enthusiast was the perfect addition the the Rhino Bill team in 2014. She made it onto a roller derby team but decided that working with a Rhino would be a bit less dangerous. She is outside with her family any chance she can get and can trace her roots back to Betsy Ross!

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Our mission is to deliver fast and simple claim billing services that make your life as a home health provider easier. Our services will:
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  • Be easy to use
  • Give you confidence that your billing is correct
  • Let you manage your claims without paper
  • Secure, encrypt, and back up your data
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